Leadership Dynamics

Business success starts with leadership

Visualise, benchmark, and optimise your leadership team – pre- and post-deal - with leadership analytics

Enhance the impact of the Leadership Team

Visualise the strengths, weaknesses, and dynamics of a leadership team pre- and post-deal.
Access leadership data and peer group analysis, to make critical leadership decisions that optimise business performance.

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Leadership Dynamics

"The Dependency on the Leadership to develop value has never been so great"

Leadership is the most important value-creation lever in high-growth companies today. But it is frequently the last consideration.

By taking a data-led approach to leadership evaluation, development and change, Leadership Dynamics’ insights support critical decisions on leadership design, competence, potential, and succession that drive performance and operational improvement.

Our objective, science and data-driven approach enables fast-growth businesses to optimise their leadership team for success by benchmarking against 7,000 high-growth leadership teams of private equity transactions. So, you can make the right decisions, to support the business sooner

Applications: How can I use Leadership Dynamics

Leadership Dynamics
Exec View

Evaluate leadership teams across high-growth investor backed business’, including new hires, exits, and new deals. Use your market knowledge to stay abreast of the market pre and post deal by looking at individual executives and the leadership teams to understand how leadership is being leveraged to create value. Understand the leadership evolution of the best performing business’ and comparably benchmark the leadership team against a competitive or aspirational peer group without direct interaction

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Leadership Dynamics
Pre-Deal Evaluation

Learn everything you need to know about the leadership team before you meet them. Develop areas of specific interest that will enable you to engage and explore critical issues with management. Benchmark the leadership team of the potential investee company against the best performing leadership teams across private equity. Develop your level of conviction through the earliest consideration of the leadership solution in place today. Model how change and development to the team impacts the probability of successful value creation.

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Leadership Dynamics
Modelling Potential into Performance

Put a value on leadership change, by understanding the real impact that individuals and teams will have over the investment lifecycle. Identify high potential leaders, development needs, and understand behavioural dynamics to take the guesswork out of leadership design. Test out potential new hires at the click of a button and model your value creation plan against a leadership team’s propensity to deliver it. Visualise, benchmark, and optimise your leadership team – pre - and post-deal - with leadership analytics

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Leadership Dynamics
Leadership Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion

Build and support a sustainable leadership team through a regular cadence of leadership behavioural diagnostics to ensure the welfare of both leader and business. Support both physical and cognitive diversity in a leadership team by reducing the influence of latent biases and making more objective, data-driven leadership decisions. Develop behavioural complementarity of the leadership team throughout the investment lifecycle to increase a team’s capability to problem-solve and get the big decisions right.

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Insights and impact

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Leadership Dynamics

It all comes down to the ongoing effectiveness of the Leadership team

Leadership is more crucial than ever…

Our clients know the market is more competitive than ever with their focus firmly on value creation.

Making the right leadership decisions early in the investment cycle has a direct impact on driving a company’s performance– but leadership is often the last consideration. At the LCap Group, we provide objective benchmark analysis pre and post-deal to optimise leaders and leadership teams in high-growth companies.

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Leadership Dynamics

What Our Clients Say, Ian Quinlan, Founder and CEO of The Clearway Group

“Leadership Dynamics and PACE have been incredibly effective tools, evaluating and understanding both my leadership style and my businesses leadership capability, helping us chart a course forward through our value creation plans and ambitions”.

Leadership Dynamics

People Science

Our analytics provides a trusted objective data-driven approach as to how to optimise the leadership team.

Leadership Dynamics is based on real leadership data from over 7,000 private equity transactions, providing independent, consistent, and reliable insights enriched by the user and their context.

Benchmarking leadership teams against a high-growth ‘investor-backed’ norm base makes it possible to pinpoint the characteristics of high-performance in leadership teams. By breaking down the key elements of leadership dynamics, leadership teams and their investors have the hard data they need to make difficult decisions – and start driving value, fast.

Leadership Dynamics

Bain Report

According to the Bain Global Private Equity Report 2022, a more analytical approach to talent, and linking requirements back to the value creation plan, is the key to getting these people decisions right, both consistently, and at speed.

“A rigorous, analytical approach makes talent decisions easier on everybody because it eliminates ambiguity about what’s required to win.” Bain Global Private Equity Report 2022.

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Leadership Dynamics


Leadership Dynamics is the first digital insight product designed for individual leaders and leadership teams of high-growth founder-led or private capital invested companies. Leadership Dynamics is designed specifically to optimise the potential of an individual or a leadership team whilst maximising their performance within high-growth businesses. It provides leadership foresight on the performance and potential of individual leaders and leadership teams with objective data-driven analysis.

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PACE stands for Pragmatism, Agility, Curiosity and Execution: and is the No.1 Private Equity behavioural evaluation, that allows high-performing leaders to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and the key to developing their performance levels. It is the only behavioural evaluation benchmarked against Private Equity executives, designed by leading psychologists, purpose built for the unique leadership demands of Venture, Private and Growth Capital.

Is data good or bad? We use data to empower individuals and allow for more informed decision making, as well as the significance of getting it right or wrong. We want to elevate the human, not degrade it.

The mathematical symbol "for All" is an upside-down "A." PACE is for all; Leadership Dynamics is for all. To uncover the essential behaviours seen among the greatest leading teams in high-growth businesses, we developed our PACE behavioural evaluation in partnership with leading academics and the private equity sector. We assess and improve the behavioural complementarity of leadership teams to maximise the impact of their experience and skills - we find and evaluate the best person from among the most diverse set of people, and we do it for everyone.

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