Pre-deal Leadership Evaluation

All you need to know about the leadership team before you meet them. Carry out pre-evaluation of a leadership team, with no access or contact required (looking outside in), to inform decision-making and frame initial discussions.

Evaluate Acquisition Targets

Evaluate acquisition targets through analysing the strength of the leadership team. 

Develop new organisation designs based on creating the most balanced team through modelling who from the company has the greatest value to provide and in what role. 

Develop behavioural complementarity amongst the leadership team and help shape further questions and areas for due diligence.

Peer Group Benchmarking

Why are some leadership teams so successful? 

Our tools show the inner workings of leadership teams across different markets and business models, providing valuable insights on what works and what doesn’t in different business contexts. Conduct comparable analysis of any leadership team from many different perspectives, such as; peer group, aspirational companies, best performing or even on their value creation strategy. Our insights help test the readiness and effectiveness of leadership with objective data-driven insights you and others can trust.

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Leadership Dynamics

Balance chart

Leadership balance provides stability and the readiness of the team to resolve challenges. 

The standard org chart misdirects. Whilst it might show that the leadership team of a business has the roles that you would expect it to have, it fails to provide any analysis on a leadership team’s competence and effectiveness.  

The challenge of leadership is that whilst the objective might stay the same, although not always, the challenge of execution does not. 

Leadership balance enables Leadership Resilience as your organisation scales.

Leadership Dynamics

Arms-length Team Evaluation

Our insights are able to be developed remotely, drawing on leadership data drawn from a range of sources and benchmarked against 7000 private equity transactions. Understanding the effectiveness of a leadership team and their probability to succeed in their future value creation strategy, cuts straight to the heart of investment confidence. 

We provide “outside in” leadership insights to enable you to test and develop your investment conviction before you commit too much time and resource, and without prejudicing the investee company to you. These remote insights are invaluable for aiding decision-making, initial approaches, and framing difficult conversations about leadership suitability and leadership change. 

Often how a CEO sees their leadership team can develop or erode investor confidence - our arms-length evaluation helps you test this directly.

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Leadership Dynamics

Impact Onboarding

Leadership success isn’t just about hiring the right person, but also ensuring they are properly orientated to the challenges of the business, its people and the business goals. 

Our insights provide the new leader with what they need to know before they start. 

Impact Onboarding turns the traditional first 3 months of discovery for a leader into the first 90 days of delivering value through increasing their speed of competence significantly.

Leadership Dynamics

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