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To uncover the essential behaviours seen among the top performing leadership teams in high growth private equity-backed businesses, we developed PACE with leading academics and data from the private equity sector, to create the only behavioural assessment model that objectively measures leaders and leadership teams.

What is PACE?

PACE is our proprietary leadership behavioural evaluation model that allows high-performing leaders to understand their dominant behaviours and areas for growth. Deeper and broader than traditional psychometrics, PACE is the only behavioural evaluation benchmarked against private equity executives, designed by leading psychologists and purpose built for the unique leadership demands of venture, private and growth capital backed high-growth businesses.

Five reasons to use PACE

Behaviours tell us more than personality

While personality is static, behaviour is dynamic. Assessing behaviours goes beyond the CV and deeper than an interview. We have found that, when an assessment of performance history is combined with behavioural analysis, we can more accurately predict whether or not someone is likely to behave how they say they will. Behaviours tell us what a person is likely to do in a given situation, no matter their experience. So while personality shows us "who they are", behaviours tell us "how they act".

Leadership Dynamics

Understand the behaviours that drive performance

Leadership is the most important value creation lever, so ensuring its effectiveness is critical to successful business outcomes. PACE helps you understand how you and your team’s behaviours impact performance for your unique growth plan. We can project the typical behaviours of each job role based on the thousands of executives who have already completed PACE, and then refine our predictions based on individual career histories.

Leadership Dynamics

Understand leadership team dynamics

How executives work as a team can make or break business success. Are leaders compatible? Will their behaviours enhance or detract from the effectiveness of the whole? PACE is the only behavioural analytics tool designed for high-growth private equity-backed leadership teams to help you understand the roles that individuals play, identify the behaviours that matter to value creation, and develop cognitive diversity across the team, to enhance problem-solving and decision-making. PACE enables you to visualise and evaluate the behaviours behind these interactions, while considering the needs of the value creation plan.

Leadership Dynamics

Ensure the diversity and sustainability of your leadership team

A leadership team with both physical and cognitive diversity (or of background and skillsets) is already proven to be more effective than without. A PACE profile goes deeper to evaluate the diverse behaviours of individuals on a team so you can place the right mix of people at the head of your organisation. Critically for ESG, data-driven decisions ensure leadership sustainability, so you can responsibly invest in and manage your people.

Leadership Dynamics

Build self awareness

PACE works for both individuals and teams, helping them understand their dominant behaviours and areas for growth. It provides individual insight on how we think and behave so that the individual can understand how they might fit amongst the team. Our objective is to maximise the value of the individual for the team and themselves.

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Leadership Dynamics


Pragmatism, Agility, Curiosity and Execution. These are the four overarching behaviours that describe the framework which has 20 sub-facets of behaviours that provide rich, nuanced insight into individual behaviours and interpersonal dynamics.  For in-depth descriptions of each, register and take the test.

Every individual PACE assessment is free. Once you have answered all questions, you’ll get a full PACE behavioural profile instantaneously in the app, with deep dives into your scores on each sub-behaviour, detailed descriptions on how your actions impact business decisions, and the key traits of others whose behaviours work well with yours.

An individual’s PACE evaluation is free, but if you would like to understand more about behavioural complementarity across your leadership team, our behavioural specialists would be happy to help. The rest of the Leadership Dynamics suite of people analytics tools focuses on your teams. The paid tools include assessments of: the structure of a team, including their functional balance, their experience (functional, situational and domain), a deep behavioural breakdown of your team (powered by PACE); and an overall score for each of your team members, based on our Leadership Success Propensity Model (LSPM).

The test is a deep dive into your behaviours so it requires some time set aside to focus. It includes 20 scenario based questions and 80 short answer questions. We recommend taking the test in one session, and typically takes between 20-45 minutes.

We recommend inviting your team to take PACE by directing them to this web page. If you opt for the paid version, the handling of this process is performed by one of our behavioural specialists.

PACE is the  behavioural component of the three pillars of the Leadership Dynamics product suite and allows you to assess the team and their complementarity across all three facets of team building: Structure, Experience, and Behaviours.

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