Modelling potential into performance

Align personal development and company performance. Take the guesswork out of leadership performance by identifying and evaluating the potential of your leadership team with insights that predict the impact and development requirements of any individual within any organisation.

Predict the impact that a leader will have on a business, by drawing on real-world data, for real time comparable analysis.

Build a leadership team that you know has the competencies and drive to deliver on the investment hypothesis while highlighting gaps, development needs and behavioural dynamics - transforming hindsight into foresight.

Leadership Bridge 

Planning change across a leadership team is a complex process, requiring thought and planning to avoid uncertainty and disruption in the wider business. 

Our Leadership Bridge simplifies and streamlines leadership change, by recommending not only the most impactful changes -benchmarked against high-performing teams - but also sequences the roadmap for change.

Aligning your people plan with the business plan throughout the investment lifecycle to actively manage change.

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Leadership Dynamics

Potential development 

Stay one step ahead, by identifying high-potential leaders based on their competencies, PACE behavioural profile, and business fit. 

Draw on leadership insights to implement bespoke development plans to ensure your best people continue to deliver value and fulfil their potential. 

Nurture a pipeline of talent to aid succession planning and ensure a sustainable and scalable leadership team for the next stage of your growth journey.

Align personal development and your organisations objectives, to ensure that individual progression supports your growth ambitions.

Leadership Dynamics

PACE Complementarity

How executives work as a team can make or break business success. Are leaders compatible? Will their behaviours enhance or detract from the effectiveness of the whole? 

PACE is the only behavioural analytics tool designed for high-growth private equity-backed leadership teams. 

Understand the roles that individuals play, identify the behaviours that matter to value creation, and develop cognitive diversity across the team, to enhance problem-solving and decision-making.

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Leadership Dynamics

Value Creation Plan Editor

Creating value today means the right leaders and leadership team, with the right mixture of value creation experience aligned with your value creation strategy. 

The best teams not only know their market but also have a track record of previously creating the value that delivers the business goal. 

Our value creation plan editor allows you to understand the depth of value creation experience in your team, based on their previous experiences.

Highlight the opportunities where a leadership team's value creation capability can be developed.

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Leadership Dynamics

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