Leadership Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership success demands a consistency of performance from a diverse - both physically and cognitively - team throughout the company's growth journey. Sustainable leadership evaluates the team’s behavioural complementarity annually and where it needs strengthening, working with the individual to ensure both their and the organisation's welfare.

Diversity and performance are reconciled using Leadership Dynamics.

Evaluating and developing physical & cognitive diversity amongst a leadership team increases the team's effectiveness and readiness to deal with new challenges and is critical for responsible investors and owners. 

Our objective data-driven analysis increases the diversity of the talent pool whilst maintaining the highest regard to the individual’s suitability to excel in their new role.     

PACE Complementarity

PACE Behavioural Analytics takes subjectivity and bias out of leadership decisions, by showing how individuals and teams behave in a business context and how they will interact. 

Optimise leadership teams for cognitive diversity and cohesiveness, by highlighting similarities and contrasts in behaviours, and predicting whether these will complement or detract from the teams' effectiveness.

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Leadership Dynamics

Value Creation Plan editor

Look beyond face value, to identify the individuals who have exactly the skillset a business needs to achieve its growth objectives. 

The value creation plan editor lets you assess leaders and leadership teams against the key elements of your strategy, to see how their experience and behavioural competencies align with the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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Leadership Dynamics

Potential development

Whether you think leaders are born or made, leadership talent always needs to be nurtured. 

With our tools, you can identify the leaders of today as well as the leaders of tomorrow, ensuring they have the development and support they need to maximise their potential. 

Create bespoke development plans based on an individual’s specific competencies and the growth strategy of the business, to lay the foundations for the future and sustain your leadership team into the future.

Leadership Dynamics

Impact Onboarding

Leadership success isn’t just about hiring the right person, but also ensuring they are properly orientated to the challenges of the business, its people and the business goals. 

Our insights provide the new leader with what they need to know before they start. 

Impact Onboarding turns the traditional first 3 months of discovery for a leader into a first 90 days of delivering value through increasing their speed of competence significantly.

Leadership Dynamics

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