Perfectus Biomed Group

Perfectus Biomed Group (PBG) is a high-growth, award-winning, globally leading, contract research organisation with over 10 years of innovative, expert, and dynamic testing. Find out how Leadership Dynamics provided a better understanding of the experience and behavioural profile mix within the team to build upon its already strong performance track record.

By: Samuel Robberts


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Perfectus Biomed Group is a high-growth, award-winning, contract research organisation (CRO). Established in 2012, the company provides customised and standard microbiological and biological testing services to a wide range of sectors, including biocides, medical devices, and wound care. A globally leading CRO that celebrates 10 years of innovative, expert, and dynamic testing this year.

Perfectus Biomed Group has experienced an average of 46% year-on-year growth to date. To support their next stage of growth the group wanted to take a closer look at the senior leadership team's capabilities, behaviours and experiences to drive progress and action in their growth plan. The first part of the Leadership Dynamics process is to understand a company’s specific value creation plan. This enables benchmarked analysis against the top leadership teams that have executed an equivalent strategy.

Samantha Westgate, Perfectus Biomed Group’s CEO said “Leadership Dynamics evaluated and helped to build out the senior leadership team, while also enabling us to look at the larger team picture.”

After an initial smaller pool undertook the assessment, Samantha said “the assessment demonstrated our strengths and gaps. It was important for us to understand how the whole leadership team fitted into the picture so following the commission of the subset of the team to be profiled, we then requested that the whole leadership team take part” This focus on the potential for the incumbent team to deliver the company’s growth plans means that Leadership Dynamics enabled a focus on maximising our company’s Leadership Capital.”

The Process

Leadership Dynamics provides an authoritative review of a leadership team, considering the structure, experience, and behavioural fit of the team. Benchmarking them against a peer group and a norm for successful companies, Leadership Dynamics is then able to provide in-depth analysis into the effectiveness of the team against their value creation plan, and a route to optimising the team that will maximise the chances of them successfully executing the organisation's ambitions. We do all of this, in a safe and simulated environment to facilitate and support critical decisions and of course to test the probable future impact of changes being considered.

“It was a good experience and what impressed me the most was how conscientious the team were coming back to us, they really made sure that we finished the process fully and completely and had all the understanding and learning that we needed from it.” – Samantha Westgate, CEO

The Results

Initial Leadership Dynamics analysis suggested that Perfectus Biomed Group utilise the behavioural component of Leadership Dynamics, PACE. PACE stands for Pragmatism, Agility, Curiosity and Execution, and provides each leader with a personal insight into how they think and act so they can determine how they can fit into the team. Our objective is to maximise each person's contribution to the team and to that person. The Perfectus team undertook the PACE tool which provided an evaluation of each individual and the team overall’s potential to successfully execute the value creation plan. It also provided insight on how to best optimise everyone’s experience and behaviours to maximise performance in the role.

“It was really useful for us and once we got the whole team profiled, we were able to see that we were consistently strong in some areas, as you might expect from a science technology company. We had a team of people who were very keen to develop and very knowledgeable in terms of scientific expertise. The results made us really focus on the areas where we needed development, the feedback was comprehensive, there was a good amount of data, and the different tools complemented one another. Everybody had individual feedback sessions which they found really useful, and the incumbent team were able to see where they sit and understand what their next steps might be.” – Samantha Westgate, CEO

Tim Murray Director, Leadership Dynamics Service Delivery said...

"The analysis allowed the CEO of the business to better understand the experience and behavioural profile mix within the team that has driven the fantastic growth journey to date. In doing so, key strengths to maximise were identified, as well as behavioural traits to lean into to accelerate progression across the team overall, specific functional groups within the team and at the individual level. Through providing an x-ray into the team’s makeup in this way we were able to advise the CEO on how to best lead and develop the team further to ensure the company builds upon its already strong performance track record."

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